Coffee has been presented to the people in different ways within the scope of needs and technological possibilities of the era since it was discovered and started to be consumed as a beverage. By the spread of these, trends called “coffee waves” have emerged. Lately, the trend that is talked a lot by the hipsters and in every place is 3rd wave or 3rd generation coffee-making.
What is 3rd wave coffee

However, what exactly is the 3rd wave coffee-making? In order to explain this concept more easily, we need to look at 1st and 2nd wave coffee-making, in short, the recent history of coffee making from past to present.


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The history of coffee dates back to ancient times. However, the first trend that we are interested in, started in the early 1900s with water-soluble chemically treated coffees. The main activities of coffee were limited to buying and selling and consuming the coffee during this period. The most significant development in this era was the idea of Austin and R.W Hills, to put coffee in vacuum packs. Therefore, coffee become more long-lasting in terms of storage and its consumption increased worldwide. 

TAFT Coffee Highly Caffeinated Filter Coffee 1st Wave Coffee

The effort to make coffee preparation as easy as possible in order to quickly meet people’s high coffee consumption has brought along a harmful coffee culture. Coffee, which is obtained from the plants and has the same structure as the seed of any fruit, has been reacted with various chemicals to become a water-soluble substance. To avoid the fact that coffee loses its taste and smell in a short time, additives were added to the coffee. The thing that appeared as a result of all of these is so different from coffee. It would be more correct to call coffee-flavored chemical beverages instead of coffee, to the things that are packaged and offered to the consumers and prepared by adding to the hot water on the shelves by the instant coffee companies.

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Even though it can be prepared quickly and easily due to such reasons; instant coffees which are the products of 1st wave coffee-making are not only harmful to our health but also insufficient in terms of taste for those who want to drink “coffee”. Furthermore, if we consider its serving properties, it is so simple for coffee-lovers like us who grew up under the influence of the Ottoman coffee culture. 


  1. It is fast. It is prepared quickly since it can dissolve in water.
  2. It is easy. There is no trouble such as brewing, cleaning the coffee brewing equipment that is used, emptying the coffee pulp in the trash.
  3. It can be stored for a long time thanks to the vacuum packaging method.


  1. It is chemical and insalubrious. It goes through many processes to become solute in water. 
  2. The rate of coffee and caffeine is low due to the substances added to it. This causes a decrease in its aroma and causes that the magical effects of caffeine cannot be utilized. 


TAFT Coffee Highly Caffeinated Filter Coffee 2nd Wave Coffee

With 2nd wave coffee-making, coffee types started to vary, and some espresso-based coffee types such as espresso, latte, mocha started to become popular. Unhealthy instant coffees as in 1st wave coffee-making have been abandoned and replaced with natural coffee beans and relatively higher quality blends. Moreover, it came along with new innovations such as cold brewing methods and coffee desserts that will attract coffee-lovers everywhere. 2nd wave coffee-making emerged with the spread of coffee chain stores such as Starbuck, Cafe Nero after 1960. The emerging purpose was enjoying rather than coffee.2nd wave coffee-making started with Alfred Peet who established Peet’s Coffee in America in 1966. The friends of Mr. Peet established Starbucks in 1971, and the long journey of the most important representative of 2nd wave coffee-making has started.

However, apart from these, the biggest factor in the spread of 2nd wave coffee-making is the emergence of places where people can sit and have a pleasant time with their friends outside of their homes and workplaces. Even today, none of us goes to a coffee chain store, and says that “I cannot start my day without drinking this shop’s coffee, the blend of chosen beans by them is so good!”. We go to those shops in order to meet with our loved ones, chat with them, and coffee is just a factor that embellishes it.

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To conclude, 2nd wave coffee-making has a significant place in our lives even today. To waken up in the mornings, while going to school or work, before an important meeting or presentation, coffee is our biggest assistant.


  1. It is healthier than 1st wave coffee-making
  2. It prevents monotony with multiple coffee types such as espresso for strong coffee lovers, and latte for soft coffee lovers, etc. 
  3. The coffee is served to you. There is no trouble like preparing or brewing. Therefore, you do not waste any effort.


  1. It may be expensive depending on your financial status and drinking frequency. If you are drinking one cup per day on average and reasonably, it will not have much of an effect. However, if you are one of those who claim to be “a coffeeholic”, it will cost a bomb. 
  2. The places that represent this trend are trading corporations, after all. They may prefer cheap, tasteless, and cheapjack coffee beans in terms of keeping costs low. But it is not a problem as long as you are satisfied with the taste. 


TAFT Coffee Highly Caffeinated Filter Coffee 3rd Wave Coffee

The region where the coffee is grown, the type of the coffee bean, the caffeine rate of the coffee bean, the type of harvest, the harvest period, the roasting time, the roasting degree, the roasting date, the resting period, how and which coffee brewing equipment is used, its strength-softness gain great importance for both the producer and the consumer. Just like wine… That is to say, similar factors to the factors that are considered by a wine-lover in order to choose the right wine, are starting to apply for coffee-lovers also. Here is the topic of the apple of our eyes: 3rd wave coffee-making. 3rd wave coffee-making aims to embrace coffee as a culture like wine. In 3rd wave coffee-making, both consumer and producer channels are starting to examine coffee in more detail and create more in-depth requests. You start to answer questions such as which bean is more suitable for filter coffee and which 

You deal with coffee almost more than a barista. Not only for making, but also you are dealing with even its cultivation. The contests have already started in terms of producing better quality coffee seeds on the producer side. Enthusiasts may check on “Cup of Excellence”.  

TAFT Coffee Highly Caffeinated Filter Coffee 3rd Wave Coffee is Coffee


  1. It is healthy.  You know what you drink, where and in which condition the coffee grows, how the coffee is roasted, how the coffee is brewed…
  2. Although the kilogram packages are intimidating in terms of price, the long-term use time and the price equivalent in terms of aroma-effect actually ensure that they are quite consistent. 
  3. It is the final point of natural coffee flavor. Being able to prepare the most suitable one for your taste from thousands of coffee beans, under that what conditions you want, allows you to prepare the most delicious coffee for yourself. 


The point reached with the third generation coffee is the highest level that can be considered in today’s conditions. Increasing the quality of coffee generation-by-generation, mowing away from artificiality and chemicals; if we can see it one day, there may be a trend in the 4th generation coffee business where everyone will grow their own coffee in their kitchen. However, it is a very utopian and unrealistic dream under current conditions. On the contrary, no one would know what will happen in the future.

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