How to Make Coffee at Home? Coffee Brew Equipments, Coffee Makers

As the third wave coffee trend surged like a snowball effect and spread among coffee enthusiasts, coffee brewing equipments has piqued everyone's interest. When compared to buying ready-made coffee from the store, brewing coffee at home allows you to control many aspects, including the strength of the coffee, the caffeine ratio, the amount of milk and sugar to be added according to the preference and it is much cheaper!

how to make coffee at home

In this article, we discussed the creation of several types of brewing equipments including French press, Moka pot, Chemex, v60, Aeropress and Syphon, as well as who they are ideal for, what flavor distinctions they provide, and how you may use them at home in the most convenient way.

If you've decided to catch up with the trends and become a barista in your own kitchen, start by reading this article! Following a through examination of all of the equipment, you may select the coffee brewing equipment that you believe is best for you from here.



French Press filter coffee maker

Even though French Press was invented by the Frenchs in the 1800s, it has been transformed into its current version by Italians. We can state that it is the most user-friendly and convenient coffee brewing equipment available; it has a straightforward concept that everyone can grasp and implement.

A filter for compressing coffee on a glass jug of roughly 330 ml is offered — greater sizes are also available. You add the coffee into the french press with water and put the filter cover on. You press and pour the coffee into the cup after it has been brewed for 4-5 minutes. And that's about it.

It would be best if you were using coarse ground coffee in a French press. Fine ground coffee such as espresso is hard to press. The french press is simple to use at home or work. It is the most commonly used equipment among those who prefer filter coffee and being straightforward.

When it comes to cleaning, don't pour the coffee grinds into the sink once you've finished using the french press. Because coarse coffee grind can cause clogs in the sink. After the coffee grounds have dried a little, the real trick is to dump it into the trash using any spoon, then wash it in the dishwasher or by hand as desired.

The greatest benefit of utilizing a French press is customizing the brew time to your preference. You can drink the coffee way you like it, whether strong or smooth, since you control the duration of boiling ground coffee and hence the aroma. Aside from that, using a metal filter allows coffee oils to seep through to the coffee, giving it a richer flavor. If you are wondering how to make a coffee with French press, you can see the step by step answer below.

how to make filter coffee with french press


  1. Boil your water and wait 1-1.5 minutes. Water above 95 degrees Celsius will burn your coffee.
  2. Prepare your cup and french press with hot water to warm them up. It will prevent your coffee from cooling down immediately.
  3. Put 13 gr of coffee per 200 ml of water in your french press.
  4. Add enough water to soak all the coffee, mix and wait for 30 seconds. This pre-infusion step will enhance the aroma of your coffee.
  5. Pour in the remaining water and simmer for 4 minutes. Extending the brew time will increase the strength of your coffee.
  6. Your coffee is ready, and now you can slowly press it and then pour it into your cup.


Moka pot coffee maker

Moka pot is a coffee equipment that helps you to brew espresso in your very kitchen easily. The Moka pot was invented by the Italian Luigi di Ponti in 1933. However, we owe the current form of it to someone else, Alfanso Bioletti, a friend of Ponti.

The Moka pot can be compared to the teapot that we are more familiar with. But of course, it has a more advanced and complex structure. Moka pot consists of 3 chambers. Water should be at the bottom, while coffee should be in the middle chamber. You place it on the stove and start brewing, and the coffee will accumulate in the top chamber.

In terms of brewing, we can say it has a very traditional form. It's crucial to cook it on low heat if you want it to taste good. It will take a bit longer, but you will realize that the wait is well worth it when comparing the two options.

The coffee used in the Moka pot should not be as fine as espresso. We can say that it is a bit thicker than espresso coffee. You're not making filter coffee with the Moka pot, but rather a somewhat clearer coffee than espresso yet still a strong one. As a result, a rich, fragrant flavor emerges.

How to make coffee with moka pot


  1. The Moka pot consists of three different chambers. Put warm water into the bottom.
  2. Add your coffee to the middle chamber.
  3. You can place your Moka pot on a stove. As the water boils, your coffee will accumulate at the top. We advise that you cook your coffee on low heat to make it more delicious.


what is hario v60 dripper and how to use it

Hario v60 -also generally known as a dripper- is a coffee brewing equipment that uses a filter paper cover over a large jug to brew coffee faster than other methods. Coffee is placed on the filter paper, and water is poured over it in circular motions. So that, when water comes into touch with the coffee, it starts dripping into the jug from the filter. V60 will be the quickest way to enjoy your coffee because you will not have to wait until it becomes dripped. It's a more time-consuming method than the French press; however, as the water slowly meets all of the coffee and is filtered through the filter paper, it yields a much clearer and more aromatic coffee.

Coffee brew equipments, hario v60 dripper


  1. Following the dotted lines, fold and place the filter paper neatly. Place the equipment on top of the cup or jug where the coffee will be served, and heat the filter paper. This will prevent you from getting filter paper flavor and your coffee from getting cooler.
  2. One person needs about 16 gr of medium ground coffee and 240 ml of water. Add the coffee and gently shake the equipment to level the coffee material.
  3. Add approximately 40 ml of water and wait for 30 seconds. In this way, your coffee will be more delicious. Pour the remaining water over the coffee, being careful not to touch the filter paper.
  4. Your coffee will be ready in 3 minutes.
how to make coffee with hario v60 dripper


what is chemex pour over coffee maker

Chemex - also known as pour-over- is a coffee brewing tool invented by German Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and stands out for its aesthetic look. It looks like an hourglass. Apart from Chemex, the patent owner, P. Schlumbohm, is the inventor of hundreds of gadgets that make our life easier.

The three most common versions of Chemex are the automatic version, the Chemex with a wooden handle, and the Chemex with a glass handle. Chemex with wooden handles is the most popular since it has a more appealing look, but the number of people who prefer glass handles is unquestionable.

Chemex comes in the sizes of 3 cups, 6 cups, 8 cups. One cup is estimated as 150 ml. and you can adjust your selection based on your needs.

Chemex, like V60, is a filter paper brewing method. The main noticeable difference is that Chemex is cooked on the stovetop and brewed at a slower pace, but otherwise, they are extremely similar. The ideal measure is 17 gr of coffee to 250 ml of water, but you can determine the ideal measure for yourself by trial and error as per your taste.


  1. In the spout, place the three-ply part of the Chemex filter. Then, using hot water, heat the paper filter and the inside of the Chemex. In this way, you will avoid smelling paper filter as well as prevent coffee from getting cooler.
  2. Pour 17 gr of medium ground coffee into the Chemex.
  3. Add 50 ml of water and wait for 30-45 seconds.
  4. Then slowly pour 200 ml of water.
  5. Your coffee will be ready in 3-5 minutes.


Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress is the one and only coffee equipment of travelers. The Aeropress is the most popular brewing device among campers who can't live without coffee. Let's start with a brief overview of its structure and history.

Alan Adler, a toy designer from the United States, created it in 2005. As in the French press, the power of pressure is used while brewing the coffee. It is often favored by climbers and campers owing to its durable structure and quick brewing capability, and it can be carried everywhere.

A portion of coffee made in the Aeropress contains around 230 mL of water and 17 g of coffee. The coffee should be medium to finely ground. Cleaning this equipment is quite simple compared to others. It's as simple as pouring some water on it and quickly washing it.



With Aeropress, there are two methods to brew coffee. Here we will mention the reverse brewing method.

  1. Warm up the inside of Aeropress. Then add approximately 17 gr of coffee and then 50 ml of water, mix and wait for 45 seconds.
  2. Slowly pour in the remaining 180 mL of water, taking about 90 seconds total, including the previous step.
  3. Wet the filter paper and place it on Aeropress.
  4. Put your Aeropress on your cup and press it for 30 seconds.


syphon coffee maker

The Syphon was invented in 1840 by a Scottish naval engineer, Robert Napier.

At the bottom, there is an alcohol burner, and there are two chambers above it.

When brewing with Syphon, you will need 15 gr of coffee and 250 ml of water per person. After brewing the coffee, you need to clean the equipment as soon as possible. If we ignore this cleaning step, both the taste and the visual feast it offers us during brewing give us great pleasure.








  1. Prepare 15 gr of coffee and 250 ml of water per person.
  2. Place the water in the lower chamber and the coffee in the top chamber.
  3. Activate it by turning on the burner at the bottom.
  4. When the water gets warm a bit, it will move to the top chamber thanks to the chain inside the equipment.

The coffee will be brewed here, and you can stir it with a standard spoon. 5- The residual pulp will be transferred to the bottom chamber after the coffee has been brewed. Now enjoy your coffee!


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