As one of the innovations that Italians gifted to the world’s coffee culture, moka pot is one of the preferred equipment by coffee lovers. Unlike the other filter coffee brewing equipment, coffee is prepared by cooking on the stove. Moka pot which has a great similarity with Turkish coffee in terms of preparing method, has a great interest in our country in this respect. Moka pot is not only used by the people who want to enter the filter coffee world but adhere to the Turkish Coffee tradition and is also the savior for espresso addicts (coffeeholic) in the home environment.

Bialetti Moka Pot

After reading this article that explains everything about moka pot, from the historical process to the details of use, you may decide whether moka pot is suitable for you or not and you may add a new option to your coffee brewing options.

What is a Moka Pot?

Moka pot is a coffee brewing equipment that works with the principle of boiling water’s going through ground coffee with pressure to brew the coffee used on the stove. The brewed coffee resembles espresso in terms of intensity and its crema. The moka pot which is consisted of 3 different parts, includes the water at the bottom part, and the coffee in the middle. The boiling water rises with the power of the pressure and reaches the middle chamber where the coffee starts to brew. At the last stage, coffee is gathered in the top chamber and become ready to be served.

Bialetti Moka Pot

Moka Pot Nasıl İcat Edildi

When we examined the history of moka pot, the fact is seen that moka pot is one of the symbols for political developments for Italians. At the beginning of the 19th century, espresso was for the working class and impossible to prepare in the home environment since it was mainly brewed in the espresso machines and was served in big cafes in Italy. At the same time, those cafes become the centers in which the public gathers and discusses politics.

How is Moka Pot invented

Italians who were determined to transform the coffee into a beverage that can be prepared in the home, for the purpose of changing the social structure, started their work in this manner. Despite the lasting attempts, the results were so simple and were not a level that could satisfy the public. The most significant development was Alfonso Bialetti’s design and production of moka pot in 1933. Moka pot that is also called as “moka express” or “Bialetti pot”, did not only offer a delicious coffee similar to espresso but also was practical and useful. Also, it was produced with aluminum which was the most important metal in terms of production for Italians. 

With the invention of moka pot, Italian coffee culture had a huge change. The role of cafes had decreased fairly, most of the people started to brew coffee in their homes, and third-generation coffee business had continued its development. Even today, the rumor is that 9 houses out of 10 have moka pot in use in Italy.



The materials needed to brew coffee with moka pot are moka pot, the appropriately sized ground coffee, drinking water, and cooktop oven. You may use 12-14 grams of coffee for 3 cup, 180 ml moka pot and you may increase the water-coffee ratio at the same level depending on the size of your moka pot. 

How to brew with moka pot

In the first step, fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot with water and combine it with the coffee chamber. Then, you need to add the ground coffee to the middle chamber. Both water and coffee should never be at the level of overflowing. After the coffee is added, you may flatten it with your hands for brewing more evenly. Then, combine the top chamber with the equipment.

When you are in the brewing process, put the moka pot on the cooktop oven and ignite it. In this process, you may leave the cover open to see all process in detail. After a short amount of time the moka pot meets with heat, the boiling water will rise and will gather in the top chamber. When all the coffee is in the top chamber, you may close the cover and transfer coffee to the cup from moka pot.

how to make coffee at home with moka pot



The level of heat that moka pot is exposed, directly affects the flavor of the coffee and the life of the equipment. Brewing at high heat will both burn the coffee fast and damage the handle of moka pot due to heat exposure. For the most ideal brewing, use medium heat and low heat if possible. 

the techniques of making coffee with moka pot


For each type of coffee, one of the conditions is having a fresh coffee. The most significant factor to increase flavor directly is using fresh coffee. That’s why you need to buy the coffee fresh or grind it yourself before brewing.

the techniques of making coffee with moka pot


There exists a predetermined grinding size to achieve the right result for each brewing equipment. The coffee used in moka pot needs to be thicker than espresso. If you use excessively fine or thick coffee, your coffee will burn or will not have enough amount of aroma. To avoid this and to achieve the best aroma, you may choose coffee ground just for moka pot.

the techniques of making coffee with moka pot


One of the biggest complaints about brewing with moka pot is that coffee burns when it directly meets with heat. The steam of boiling water may cause your coffee to burn because of its meeting with coffee grains. Minimizing this process will lead you to brew more tasteful coffee. Therefore, you may fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot with hot water. In this way, the water will rise faster, and a faster way of brewing will occur. The coffee will preserve its aroma due to less exposition to heat. 


How to clean moka pot coffee maker

Cleaning is very important for all coffee brewing equipment, each piece of equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after use and the resulting stain should not be kept waiting. Unlike other equipment, the cleaning of the moka pot requires much more meticulousness.

The biggest mistake made in moka pot cleaning is using soap to clean it. Moka pot should not come into contact with soap or any other cleaning material. Using soap for washing damages the metal properties of the moka pot and causes the coffee aroma to deteriorate in the long run. For this reason, it is very important to wash the moka pot immediately after use. While the equipment is still hot and the coffee stain on it has not dried, you can rub and rinse it with a cloth using only water. This process will be much more difficult if you allow the coffee stain to dry.

How to clean moka pot

However, to remove the dried coffee stain, add some vinegar and baking soda to your moka pot and rub it with a small amount of water, and all the stains will disappear. It is very important that you wait for it to dry before putting it on the shelf so that no water stains occur after washing.

Moka pot kaç cup olmalıdır?

When you decide to buy a moka pot, you will realize different sizes for different products. Among the options that are expressed as sizes like 3 cup, 6 cup, 9 cup, each cup represents a 60 ml cup. For example, a 3 cup moka pot contains 180 ml, 6 cup moka pot contains 360 ml.

The significant thing is that the chamber must be filled totally when you brew a coffee with moka pot. For instance, the coffee flavor will not be up to the mark when you fill half of the 180-milliliter moka pot for brewing. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable size for you and you need to brew according to this size. Thus, 3 cup the moka pot is the best in demand.

Moka potta hangi kahveler yapılır?

Since the coffee brewed in the moka pot is exposed to pressure, its taste is much more bodied structure than standard filter coffee. Due to this feature of moka pot, the use of coffees with high acidity and low body may cause not having good results. The coffee you need is much more stronger and can handle the intensity given by moka pot. Therefore, the most suitable moka pot coffee is the coffee roasted for espresso and espresso blends. 

Moka Pot Kahve Tarifleri

Highly Caffeinated TAFT Filter Coffee

If the coffee brewed with the Moka pot is too intense for you or you want to make it more delicious with various additions, there exist some recipes you can apply. With the Moka pot, you can make many of the espresso-based drinks. The most riveting of these recipes is making latte with moka pot.

If you do not have a milk heating machine or milk frothed, you can add the amount of milk you will use to the coffee pot and start heating it. In order for the milk to have a creamy texture like in the latte, it should not be too heated. When you touch the heated milk with your fingertip and if it burns your fingertip, you can take it from the stove and add it to the coffee you brew with a moka pot. In this way, you can make lattes at home using the moka pot.

Making cappuccino with moka pot is a similar process also. The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that a cappuccino has more foamy than a latte. If you transfer the heated milk into a French press and press it several times in a row, the milk will foam. Then you may make a cappuccino by adding the milk to coffee.

If you prefer sugar or a different syrup to sweeten in all these recipes, you can mix the syrup with the coffee after your coffee is brewed, and then add milk to it. To increase the weight of coffee in recipes where you will add milk or syrup not only allows the amount of caffeine to increase but also makes the coffee more compatible with milk.

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