TAFT Coffee Co.

We founded TAFT Coffee Co., in 2017, as a reaction to the coffees that cannot afford to wake up. Mornings where it takes hours to wake up, nights ending early due to sleep and our coffee addiction have made us look for a coffee that will keep us energetic for hours. When we couldn't find it, we decided to explore it ourselves. But we wanted to introduce you to a soft drink. We struggled for months, trained and tried to do the best. 

Finally we succeeded in what we were looking for. We presented the world's highest caffeinated coffee with a soft drink.

The World's Strongest Coffee

Coffee to Wake the Dead!

As a result of the tests carried out by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Switzerland-based SGS Laboratory, which is valid all over the world, TAFT is far ahead of its competitors with a caffeine rate of 23.2 grams per kilogram, and is at the top as the world's highest caffeine content coffee. You can click on the link to learn about this test process in detail.

This high caffeine content comes entirely from the structure of the beans we prefer. TAFT, which is not chemically processed and does not contain any additives, is offered to you in its 100% natural form. It offers flavor and energy together, to the taste of all coffee lovers with its soft drink and impressive aroma.

Caffeine Content

We determined our TAFT Coffee, which we offer high caffeine content with a soft drink. After a long roasting marathon and the blends we tried among 25 different beans, South America - Pacific blend was decided. As a result of the 5 million cups of TAFT that have been drunk since its establishment, the effect of high caffeine and the surprise that TAFT offers a soft drink despite its high caffeine content constitute a large part of the comments.

caffeine content table

While the caffeine content of standard filter coffees is 1%, the caffeine content of TAFT is 2.32% according to the latest test result. With a simple calculation, while the amount of caffeine you will get from a cup of filter coffee is 150 mg, this amount approaches 350 mg in a cup of filter coffee made from TAFT Coffee.


Our Factory

We produce our coffee in our factory in Istanbul IMES Industrial Site. In our factory, which has FSSC Food Certification and ISO 22001 Food Safety Certification, we never compromise on hygiene and quality by keeping our production standards at the highest level. In our roasting house, we blend our raw beans and roast them expertly under the supervision of an SCA certified expert roasters.