TAFT Pour Over 600ml.


It is very enjoyable to brew coffee with the TAFT Pour-Over set, which is the best friend of pour-over coffee lovers and one of the icons of 3rd generation coffee making. 

Discover a different dimension in filter coffee brewing with TAFT Pour Over.


  1. Place the three-ply part of the Chemex filter in the brim of the apparatus. Then heat the filter paper and the inside of the chemex with hot water. In this way, you will prevent the smell of paper and the cooling of your coffee.
  2. Pour 18 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee into the filter.
  3. Add 50 ml of water and wait 30-45 seconds. In this way, the aroma of your coffee will be more intense.
  4. Then add 250 ml of water to the coffee with rotational movement.
  5. Your coffee will be ready in 3-5 minutes.


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